Smelly & Sweaty—Dry Hockey Gear, Reduce Odor, Prolong the Life of Hockey Equipment with GearDryer

Hockey gear stinks. Period. It stinks so much in fact that smelly gear has become an intrinsic part of the hockey culture. The combination of cold ice, high intensity play, and heavily padded gear is a recipe for sweat drenched enclosed spaces that become bacterial hotbeds of stink. Now, we’re not going to claim that GearDryer will eliminate those bad smells entirely—that’d be akin to claiming you can put out a forest fire with a garden hose. But, GearDryer will certainly reduce odor, and will go a long way to preventing it if you use GearDryer regularly and start using it from the time the gear is new.

 Freestanding GearDryer drying hockey skates, drying hockey gloves, and hockey gear

The Dreaded Hockey Bag


If you’ve ever played hockey, or been in a family with someone who does, you know what I’m talking about. It’s that duffel bag where all the gear lives in between games and practice sessions. It’s a black hole of stink that’s permanently exiled to the garage or shed. The bag is a vicious cycle. Gear gets sweaty, gets put in the bag, and gets so stinky you don’t want to take it out until you have to. And then the process repeats itself game after game, practice after practice, until the only viable solution is to chuck the skates, gloves, and pads, and buy new ones—and replacement is not cheap. You can break the cycle with GearDryer. Get that gear out of the bag and onto GearDryer. Not only will you help reduce the odor, you’re going to get more life of the gear.

 Wall Mount GearDryer Drying Hockey Skates and Hockey helmet

Wall Mount GearDryer drying Hockey Gear

Hands and Feet Sweat Big Time—GearDryer is ideal for drying Hockey Skates and Hockey Gloves


Of all your extremities, none sweat as much as your hands and feet. On average, your feet perspire a pint glass worth of sweat per day. Add in the high-intensity hockey play, and who knows how much sweat your hockey skates and gloves are actually absorbing, but it is a lot. Left alone in the bag, those skates and gloves don’t stand a chance of drying on their own before your net practice or game. You need a forced air drying solution like GearDryer to send a powerful supply of air into those enclosed spaces to remove moisture fast.

 Freestanding GearDryer drying hockey skates and drying hockey gloves

Tips for Using GearDryer to Dry Hockey Skates, Hockey Gloves, and Hockey Pads


  • Use GearDryer regularly and from the time equipment is new to remove moisture and help stop odor before it starts.
  • Use the twist and lock ports to customize the unit for a wide range of equipment including pads.
  • Spray hockey skates and gloves with a disinfectant prior to starting a dry cycle with GearDryer.
  • To dry skates, gloves, and equipment overnight, initiate a 24-hour dry cycle by holding the 2-hour button for 3-seconds.