Freestanding 12


Relatively compact and easy to move, the GearDryer Freestanding 12 delivers 200 CFM of forced airflow, the option to dry with heated or ambient air, and can be adapted to dry a wide range of gear items including boots, gloves, helmets, and goggles.

Features & Specs:

  • Dual fans deliver more than 200 CFM of forced airflow directly into gear
  • Choose heated or ambient air with the flip of a switch. GearDryer’s self-regulating heater delivers an approximate 35ºF air temperature increase above the ambient air temperature for effective drying and warming (safe for use on most thermo-molded boot liners)
  • 12 individual drying ports accommodate up to 6 pairs of boots, gloves, or other gear items
  • 5 pre-programmed settings allow you to select a 15-minute, 30-minute, 1-hour, or 2-hour dry cycle. Hold the 2-hour button for 3 seconds to initiate a 24-hour dry cycle
  • Versatile twist and lock port design allows you to customize the port layout to dry specific gear items
  • Plugs directly into a standard 120-volt wall outlet. Amps: 0.4 ambient air | 8.0 heated air
  • Heavy-duty steel construction with a durable powder coat finish
  • Measures 25”W x 15”D x 31”H | Weight: 30lbs


Whether from snow, rain, or your own sweat, gear often ends up wet after big days spent playing and working outside. Without a forced-air drying solution, the enclosed spaces in boots and gloves can remain damp for days on end. And wet gear is cold gear. The GearDryer Freestanding 12 Boot and Glove Dryer delivers more than 200 CFM of forced airflow—heated or ambient—to quickly evaporate and remove the moisture, allowing you to start every day dry and stay warm. Whether you’re skiing fresh powder, riding snowmobiles, working tough job sites, playing hockey, or dealing with sweaty sports shoes in the summer—GearDryer is the ultimate boot, shoe, glove, and gear drying solution.

The most important factor in effectively removing the wet and sweat from the enclosed spaces in boots and gloves is a high volume of forced air. Delivering more than 200 CFM of airflow, GearDryer is one of the most powerful drying systems available. Plus, GearDryer gives you the ability to dry with heated air simply by flipping a switch—speeding up dry times even more. Other drying systems dry with only ambient air or only heated air. GearDryer is unique in that it gives you the option to choose. GearDryer uses a special self-regulating heat element that increases the air temperature approximately 35ºF above the ambient air temperature. This gentle heat increase is safe on most gear yet effectively speeds up dry times.

GearDryer also features 5 pre-programmed dry cycle settings. Simply select a 15-minute, 30-minute, 1-hour, or 2-hour dry cycle. To initiate a 24-hour dry cycle, hold the 2-hour button for 3-seconds. Geardryer automatically shuts off after the completion of a dry cycle, allowing you to set it and forget it.

The Freestanding 12 Boot and Glove dryer features 12 individual dryer ports that can accommodate up to six pairs of boots or gloves. GearDryer’s unique twist and lock port design allows you to customize the port layout to create the perfect drying system for a wide range of gear items—whether you’re drying sweat soaked running shoes, ski boots and ski gloves, work boots, and even full face helmets. The Freestanding 12 also includes 6 port caps to close off the dryer ports not in use—increasing the airflow in the ports being used to dry gear.

Due to the vertical port layout, the Freestanding 12 is particularly effective for drying helmets, full face helmets, goggles and bulky gear items such as hockey pads. Simply remove ports as needed and place gear items on top of the dryer positioned directly over the open ports.

The GearDryer Freestanding 12 Boot and Glove Dryer plugs directly into a standard wall socket, is made from heavy-duty steel with a durable powder coat finish, and includes leg levelers to ensure stable placement on the floor of your gear room, mud room, garage, or entryway.

When we developed the GearDryer drying system, we chose the name GearDryer because the system is versatile enough to dry an unlimited range of gear items. GearDryer is a ski boot dryer, a snowboard boot dryer, a ski glove dryer, a helmet dryer, a hockey skate and glove dryer, a soccer cleats dryer, running shoes dryer, mountain bike gear dryer, helmet dryer, moto gear dryer, and the list goes on. If you have wet gear of any kind, we’re confident that the GearDryer system will get the job done right.