Dry Biking Gear on the Wall Mount 12 Boot Dryer

Dry Road and Mountain Biking Gear with the Wall Mount 12 Boot Dryer

Though the GearDryer was inspired by the need to dry ski and snowboard boots and gear, we quickly realized that winter lovers typically don't stop moving when the snow melts. The GearDryer has been designed to easily accommodate nearly any piece of gear, thanks to its interchangeable ports and parts. Some folks opt to bike year-round, others pick it back up once the weather warms up. Regardless, having fresh gear is something everyone needs.

Sweat is the enemy of every biker, whether you're riding road, exploring singletrack on a mountain bike, commuting, or covering dusty miles on a dirt bike. No matter what type of biking you enjoy, the GearDryer WallMount 12 is up to the challenge of keeping your gear fresh and dry. For those living in rainy or humid climates, the GearDryer is especially helpful for mitigating the annoyance of smelly biking gear. 

The ports on the GearDryer WallMount 12 can be completely adjusted to dry anything from a bike helmet, to protective pads, moto boots, bike shoes, bike shoe covers, hydration bladders, gloves, and more. The interchangeable parts on the GearDryer permit users to mix and match the ports to suit their needs and their gear. You can even attach multiple straight sections together to dry out moto pants with incorporated pads.

For tips on customizing the GearDryer WallMount 12 to dry two biking kits, keep reading. Another benefit of the GearDryer is the double duty it performs as a gear storage solution. After a ride, assemble all your gear on the unit to keep it dry and fresh. When you're ready for your next ride, all your gear is in one place, ready to go. You'll never arrive at the trailhead only to realize you've forgotten your helmet or gloves.

How to Dry Bike Shoes With the GearDryer Wall Mount 12

Dry Bike Shoes with the Wall Mount 12 GearDryer

Biking shoes and moto boots provide just about the perfect habitat for bacteria to flourish and thrive. It's the bacteria that proliferate in warm, moist environments that cause the stink you'll often discover lurking in the nooks and crannies of sports equipment. By keeping gear dry, the odor and stink created inside your bike shoes can be combated. The key here is making sure you maximize airflow when you place your bike shoes or moto boots on the GearDryer. 

First, it does not matter if you orient the 90-degree fitting facing the ceiling or ground. It'll depend on what other gear items you might be drying. The main goal is to direct air into the toebox of the biking shoe or riding boot. If you are drying boots for dirt or moto biking, you may need to attach two straight sections to create enough length for the shaft of the boot.

How to Dry Biking Gloves and Pads With the GearDryer Wall Mount 12

Some bikers have hands that become just as sweaty as their enclosed feet, so blasting your gloves with fresh air will help prevent funky odors and reduce wear and tear on your equipment with fewer trips to the washer and dryer. For gloves, simply attach the 90-degree fitting directly to the GearDryer, fit a straight section atop the 90-degree fitting and insert the glove over the straight section. For downhill mountain biking pads or motorbike protective gear, experiment with your different fittings and ports to determine what configuration will most maximize the airflow. The tiny, interstitial spaces between foam and padding create an absolutely amazing environment for stinky bacteria to thrive when they become moist with sweat. This material vastly increases the amount of surface area for bacteria to colonize, so keeping your pads and protective gear dry is especially important for prolonging the life and freshness of your gear.

How to Dry Bike Helmets With the GearDryer Wall Mount 12

Dry Bike Helmets with the Wall Mount 12 GearDryer

After just a few miles, your bike or moto helmet may already be damp with sweat. Again, it's important to dry any foam or padding material within your helmet to stop bacteria from proliferating. The best way to dry a helmet on the Wall Mount 12 GearDyer is to attach the 45-degree fitting directly to the port followed by a straight section. Keep the end of the straight section free and use two side-by-side ports to perch the helmet on the GearDryer. This will permit airflow to circulate and dry the material inside the helmet.

How to Dry Hydration Bladders With the GearDryer Wall Mount 12

One of the most universal benefits of the GearDryer systems is the ability to dry hydration bladders. Of all gear, water bladders are often neglected and care for them is a real hassle. No matter how you try, it never seems possible to dry all the tight corners. With directed airflow, you can dry your water bladder in a matter of minutes. Attach the 45-degree fitting directly to the GearDryer, followed by the straight section and then the 90-degree fitting. It'll take a little experimentation to determine how your specific bladder can most benefit from maximum airflow. But regardless, a stint on the GearDryer is going to be far better than just leaving the bladder in your pack between rides. Enjoy fresher water and fight mold by using your GearDryer to dry your hydration bladder.

From your hydration bladder to your gloves, to just about any item of wet, sweaty gear, the Wall Mount GearDryer offers a solution for those who want to keep their gear smelling nice with the added benefit of convenient storage. If you're looking for tips on how to dry biking gear on our Freestanding 12 GearDryer, just click here.