Athletes Sweat: Prolong the Life of Gear and Reduce Odor with GearDryer

While we designed GearDryer with ski homes in mind, it’s proven to be an effective solution for athletes. To back that up, it’s worth mentioning that we shipped a grip of out wall-mounted GearDryer units to the San Francisco 49s Football Team for use in their locker room. When we say our GearDryers are pro-grade, we’re not joking.

 GearDryer football cleat dryer installed NFL locker room

Even if you’re not a pro athlete, you are an athlete. Whether you run, lift weights, or play on softball team with your co-workers, there’s a reasonably chance that you’ve had to toss a pair of shoes at some point simply because they were too stinky and gross to deal with any more. Often, sweat and odor spell the demise of a shoe long before you wear through the sole or upper.


The enclosed spaces inside shoes can take days to dry on their own, which is why a forced air drying solution like GearDryer makes a world of difference in reducing odor and pro-longing the lifespan of gear. Plus, no one enjoys slipping his or her foot inside a damp, smelly shoe.

 Freestanding GearDryer drying running shoes, cleats, athletic shoes

Imagine a Pint Glass of Beer. That’s How Much Your Feet Sweat Every Day.


This might be a surprise, but your feet have more sweat glands than any other part of your body. And unlike your forehead or hands, which you can dry off with a towel, all that sweat goes straight into your socks and shoes. The enclosed spaces in shoes harbor that moisture, fostering bacteria growth, and the next thing you know those gym shoes or cleats are so smelly can’t bring them in the house or leave them in the car. A forced air-drying solution helps shoes dry completely in a relatively short period of time, stopping bacteria growth before it even gets a chance to start. By regularly using GearDryer, you can significantly reduce odor.

 Rolling GearDryer with Wheel kit ideal for drying cleats and gear in locker rooms

Dry Gear for the Entire Team


Whether you decide on our Freestanding GearDryer or the Wall Mount/ Rolling GearDryer, both units will accommodate up to six pairs of shoes or cleats at once. For teams and athletic clubs, GearDryer is must-have addition to the locker room.

 Freestanding GearDryer drying cleats and sport shoes

Tips for using GearDryer to Dry Cleats, Running Shoes, Bike Shoes, & More

 Wall mount GearDryer with ports assembled for cleats, running shoes, athletic footwear

  • GearDryer’s customizable ports are the main reason GearDryer can be adapted to such a wide range of gear types. On the Freestanding GearDryer, simply slide your cleats and running shoes on the ports, select a dry cycle, and you’re good to go. On the Wall Mount/ Rolling GearDryer, attach the 45-degree fitting to the dryer first, followed by the 90-degree fitting, and lastly the straight tube. The result is an ideal drying set up for athletic footwear. The 90-degree fitting creates a ledge that holds the heel of the shoe in place while air is directed down into shoe where it’s needed.
  • To dry shoes overnight, you’ll want to initiate a 24-hour dry cycle by holding the 2-hour button for three seconds.
  • When drying cleats and running shoes, especially during the warmer months, heated air is often not required for quick dry times.
  • For really smelly footwear, spray shoes with a disinfecting spray product prior to drying with the GearDryer. You can also wash a pair of shoes in warm soapy water prior to using the GearDryer.