AirHanger 12V



The fully portable GearDryer AirHanger puts an end to wet, sweaty, and stinky wetsuits, race suits, sled suits, workwear, and jackets. With over 130 CFM of forced air, heavy-duty construction designed to hang tough with saturated equipment, and two 12-volt plug options for use at home or on the road, the AirHanger is an incredible utility for work and play.

 Features & Specs:

  • 130 CFM of forced air dries equipment in hours 
  • Hangs anywhere that can support 100-pounds–-in your garage, mudroom, gear room, or in the back of your van or toy hauler–no professional installation required
  • 2 Powering options included. The 12-volt car jack works in your vehicle, and the 12-volt wall plug works at home or hotels.
  • 3 Airflow settings dial-in your ideal drying time and fan volume 
  • 11.5” W x 5”D x 6”H | 7lbs

Dry your wetsuit, race suit, bug-out gear, jacket, and more in just a few hours time and never worry about squeezing into wet neoprene or stinky leathers again. Hang the AirHanger on a secure point, place your jacket or piece of gear in line with the venting system, select a fan setting from Low, Medium or High, and let the AirHanger do its work. Leaving wet gear overnight is a guarantee for odor and increased wear, and the AirHanger not only makes for better days, it also increases the lifespan of the gear that you rely on day-to-day. The added mobility of the 12-volt car jack doubles down on the AirHanger’s utility. From the beach to the racetrack to the job site, the AirHanger is the dynamic solution for keeping your gear dry, clean, and warm.

Customer Reviews

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Johnny Utah
Great for wetsuits

Super pumped on this rig for drying my wetsuit after my weekly surf sesh. Nice work boys and keep shredding. 🤙