Warm Kids are Happy Kids: Use GearDryer to Dry Kids’ Snow Boots and Gloves Quick

From splashing in puddles to making backyard snow angels to learning to ski for the first time, kids’ snow and rain gear gets wet fast. Unlike adults, who are generally pretty good at keeping snow out of boots ands gloves whenever possible, kids just go for it and it only takes a hour or two (or even less) of enjoying a snow day before those little boots and gloves are soaked. When you’re a kid, winter is fun when you’re bundled up and warm. Winter is a miserable experience when you’re cold and wet. Point being, if you’re a mom or dad and live where snow days are regular event, a GearDryer is your new best friend.

 Freestanding GearDryer with kids snow boots and gloves

Smaller Gloves and Boots Equal Faster Dry Times


When we designed GearDryer, kids’ gear was not the first thing on our mind. But we’ve found that because of the smaller size of kids’ boots and gloves, and more specifically the smaller enclosed internal space, GearDryer can dry boots and gloves faster than adult footwear and equipment. That means your kids can take a break from the snow for some lunch and hot chocolate, and by the time they are ready to head back out for more, those little boots and gloves will be dry, warm, and ready for more as well.

 Wall Mount GearDryer set to dry kids ski gear and ski gloves quick

Teaching Kids to Ski is Tough, Learning While Cold Makes It Even Tougher


Nobody is a great skier right out of the gate. Anyone who skis or snowboards had to start somewhere. And that means days spent falling on your butt, sliding awkwardly on the hill, struggling to get on and off the lifts without making a scene—we’ve all been there. It’s not easy, and it can be even tougher when you’re a kid. Feeling dry and warm goes a long way to maintaining a good attitude. And when you’re dealing with the frustration that is learning to ski, simply maintaining a good attitude goes a long way towards success. Remember that dry gear is warm gear, and warm gear makes for great days outside—thanks GearDryer.


Tips for Using GearDryer to Dry Kids’ Boots & Gloves


  • Use GearDryer’s twist and lock ports to customize the dryer for a wide range of gear types including helmets, jackets, and more.
  • To dry wet gear overnight, initiate a 24-hour hour dry cycle by holding the 2-hour button for 3 seconds.
  • For really wet boots and gloves, remove liners whenever possible and dry separately.
  • The temperature of GearDryer’s heated air is approximately 25 degrees above the ambient air temperature where the dryer is operating. If a warmer air temperature is desired, increasing the ambient air temperature is the only way to increase GearDryer’s heated air temperature.